How do I define the error middleware for multiple status codes?

My use-case is that I would like a custom error page only for codes 404 and 502. Most natural to me would be a definition:


This possibility was actually raised in the original pull request but not implemented as far as I can tell.

Do I need to define two different middlewares pointing to the same service for covering this use-case or what is the best approach?

The reference pages suggest your format is correct.

  - "traefik.http.middlewares.middleware08.errors.status=foobar, foobar"

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Oh, I will test that. It did not become clear to me from Errors - Traefik which I was looking at. Do you think a mix of a list and a range is supported, too? Something like 404,500-599?

I think, yes. I know, no. :smiley:

Ran some tests and yes, it does work! Maybe this would be useful to add to the docs Errors - Traefik ?

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Create an issue, or better yet a PR !

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