How can I use my custom SSL certificates provider instead of ACME?


I don't understand how I can setup my own SSL certificates provider.

When Traefik receives a request on a domain, I want it to query my custom provider for the matching SSL certificate. The provider will generate a new certificate if needed.

Is this possible?

I'm quite interested in an answer also.

I think you are looking at two solutions.

  1. Add this to Traefik youself
  2. Find or implement an ACME server to be an intermediary for you.

I found txacme although it says this

txacme is still under heavy development, and currently only an implementation of the client side of the protocol is planned; if you are interested in implementing or have need of the server side, please get in touch!

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@julien-h Curiosity begs the question, what are you intending to use for the CA Provider ?