Hot-reload docker labels dynamic configuration

According to traefik documentation:

The dynamic configuration contains everything that defines how the requests are handled by your system. This configuration can change and is seamlessly hot-reloaded , without any request interruption or connection loss.

I'm not able to hot-reload such parameters as they are defined by docker-compose labels. When I update labels in compose file i need to somehow notify traefik/docker about such change, I was not able to find way of doing such thing without restarting/recreating of running container.

What I already tried:

  1. Simply run docker-compose up -d - results in container recreation
  2. According to there is link titled "Overriding a container’s labels at runtime" - it links to: i tried to belows but both of them lead to starting new container:
  • Run docker run -l key=valye image container to update specific label, also results in container restart
  • Run docker-compose run -l key=valye service to update specific label, also results in container restart

I checked this one: Dynamic change Traefik frontend configuration in Docker but It doesn't fit as it don't use swarm.


Manipulating docker labels without restarting the container is not possible. (

While the dynamic configuration of Traefik does hot-reload, this is primarily in reference to key-value stores which are able to be changed without disrupting the lifecycle of the target. This is possible with technologies such as Consul and Kubernetes Ingress / Services.