Help with Traefik and Service Fabric Redirect Label

I'm looking for some help with redirecting labels in Service Fabric Traefik. This is my latest attempt and show correct with an online regex editor but it just isn't working.

        <Extension Name="Traefik">
          <Labels xmlns="">
            <Label Key="traefik.frontend.rule.1">PathPrefix: /{path:(?i)TopTeamScores}</Label>
            <Label Key="traefik.frontend.rule.2">PathPrefixStripRegex: /{path:(?i)TopTeamScores}</Label>
            <Label Key="traefik.frontend.passHostHeader">true</Label>
            <Label Key="traefik.frontend.redirect.regex">https:..(devapps1|qaapps1|apps1)</Label>
            <Label Key="traefik.frontend.redirect.replacement"></Label>
            <Label Key="traefik.frontend.redirect.permanent">false</Label>
            <Label Key="traefik.enable">true</Label>
            <Label Key="traefik.frontend.entryPoints">http,https</Label>

I finally got it to work by really simplifying the regex AND removing the frontend rules.

Is there any way to make the redirect take precedence over rule.1 and rule.2? right now the redirect is ignored unless I remove both rules.