Help with creating an ingress with redirect URL

Hi all,

Is there a way to create an ingress with the following example?:
if i hit and it will redirect to

I want to be able to basically curl -X PUT and it will know it hits

Thanks all

It's hard for me to tell without trying. Did you try and it did not work? What was your config / errors, etc?

Hi zespri,

I tried the following yaml:


kind: Middleware
  name: redirectobjectstorage
    regex: https://ip_address/object
    permanent: true

Can this work without an ingress and a service as i do not have a backend pod for this redirect? I just want a redirect a url with a made up /object
I know traefik reads from router and then checks if there is any middleware then uses services. Is there a way to redirect url only?

also since it is a https, in my other ingress use cases, i do have a tls:

  • secretName: secretname
    Do i use any tls here?