Help about dynamic config file

I'm using file provider (directory) to generate dynamic.toml file every 10 seconds.
during Traefik updates, there is a time I can not access some sites and get a 404 responses, or can not resolve SSL certificates.

  1. When Traefik receives a new config and ignores the previous one what happens if the new config has a syntax error?

  2. How much time does it take to Traefik update with 80_000 lines of toml config file? Is there any way to calculate this?

  3. Should I use another provider ex: HTTP or Redis for more speed and consistency?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

hello @guoard

Thanks a lot for using Traefik and asking the question here.

The issue you described seems very strange since the process of updating configuration should never cause the 404 errors since the newly configured resources (whatever time it takes to completely build them) are just switched with the previous ones, and then the new resources are used.

The only question is about certificates, if building routers takes longer than building the TLS store, maybe there are discrepancies between current routers and the TLS config.

Can you please share with us the reproducible use case if it is possible?

Thank you,

Thanks for your time and answering the question.

Sorry, It's not possible to share dynamic.toml file. it's about 80000 lines!

Which provider between HTTP, Redis, and File do you suggest using?

Is there any way to calculate the time of updating the dynamic config?

Once the log level is set to DEBUG, the timestamp should be added to the log files, so based on that you can know how long it takes to generate and apply the new configuration.

You don't have to share the entire configuration files, but we would like to know if there is something unusual in your config files. The issue you are experiencing is not typical that's why it could be helpful to investigate your issue in detail.

Thank you

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