Helm failing to deploy (Ingress in version "v1beta1" cannot be handled as a Ingress


im trying to deploy traefik into a new EKS cluster via helm

Im getting this error:

Error: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = release traefik-release failed: Ingress in version "v1beta1" cannot be handled as a Ingress: v1beta1.Ingress.Spec: v1beta1.IngressSpec.TLS: []v1beta1.IngressTLS: decode slice: expect [ or n, but found t, error found in #10 byte of ...|}],"tls":true}}
|..., bigger context ...|oard","servicePort":"dashboard-http"}}]}}],"tls":true}}

I'm setting

    "dashboard.enabled" = true
    "dashboard.ingress.tls" = true
    "dashboard.domain" = something
    "rbac.enabled" = true

values file:

imageTag: 1.7.12
ssl.upstream: true
ssl.enabled: true
ssl.enforced: true
serviceType: LoadBalancer
    service.beta.kubernetes.io/aws-load-balancer-ssl-cert: arn:aws:acm:xxxxxxx...
    service.beta.kubernetes.io/aws-load-balancer-backend-protocol: http

It seems when I remove dashboard.ingress.tls="true" it will deploy. That setting is causing the issue.

Hello @mattlawnz,

In the helm chart, dashboard.ingress.tls is not a boolean value, it is a yaml block that is inserted into the TLS section of the created dashboard ingress:

This allows custom certificates, or TLS to be manually configured separately from the main Traefik configuration if required.

ah ok, thanks @daniel.tomcej