Having trouble exposing service

Hi guys, i am migrating from Caddy, been at this for some time now.
I have got all my local only services up with certs and I can connect to them on LAN with a subdomain on duckdns, and it seems to be working good so far.
But I have one service which I want to expose externally and I am having some problems doing so, and any pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated!
I know its most common to use labels to expose containers but for several reasons I cant do that. And since this setup works for ny local only services I assume its possible to get it wokring externally too?

PS.I am kind of new at network stuff so please bare with me.

this is my configs

--> /opt/traefik/config/traefik.toml <--

  filePath = "/etc/traefik/access.log"
  bufferingSize = 100
  dashboard = true
  subdomain1 = true
  subdomain2 = true
  subdomain3 = true
  subdomain4 = true
  sub = true
    address = ":80"
    address = ":443"
  exposedbydefault = false
  network = "traefik"
  directory = "/etc/traefik"
  watch = true
  email = "mail@mail.com"
  storage = "/acme.json"
    provider = "duckdns"
    delayBeforeCheck = 0

--> /opt/traefik/config/middleware/redirect.toml <--

watch = true
  scheme = "https"
    entryPoints = ["web"]
    middlewares = ["redirect"]
    rule = "HostRegexp(`{host:.+}`)"
    service = "dummy"
      url = ""

--> /opt/traefik/config/routers/sub.toml <--

watch = true
    entrypoints = ["websecure"] 
    rule = "Host(`sub.domain.duckdns.org`)"
    service = "sub"
      certresolver = "letsEncrypt" 
      url = ""

Find the mistake:




Of course the path should point to your dynamic config files. And I don’t think it will check subdirectories. So either you place them in one directory or you use multiple providers.file.

Maybe check simple Traefik example for global entrypoint redirect and TLS assignment. command is static config.