GRPC on Traefik Hub

Hi, hope you all are fine!

I try to deploy gRPC server in my Raspberry Pi to traefik hub but I don't know if it's possible. My client gRPC client is written in python an,d the server is in go both are insecure to try it out for now. The code work on WLAN actually just got error:

with grpc.insecure_channel('') as channel:
=> failed to connect to all addresses

The server listen on port 50051 docker has mapped port 50051 (but is working on WLAN) and I start the service on traefik hub to the port 50051 also. I'm really new to gRPC

If someone has tips or explication I really appreciate that :slight_smile:

Hello Valensto,

After investigation, it's not yet possible to establish a gRPC connection using Traefik Hub.
But it should be a good idea for the future, I will share it with the team.



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Hey Nicomengin !

Thank for your quick reply! Yes, it should be a great feature, especially for thing like raspberry and all stuff :slight_smile: