Global redirect from non-www to www with traefik v2

I have a domain :

I host a blog under, I want to redirect people that use to

My proxy is traefik, and I use the HTTP-01 challenge to provide https with let's encrypt.

So far, my configuration looks like this:

"traefik.enable": "true",
"traefik.http.routers.blogGateway.rule": "Host(``) || Host(``)",
"traefik.http.routers.blogGateway.entrypoints": "web-secure",
"traefik.http.routers.blogGateway.tls.certresolver": "httpChallengeLetsEncrypt",
"[0].main": "",
"[1].main": "",
"traefik.http.middlewares.redirect-to-https.redirectscheme.scheme": "https",
"traefik.http.routers.blogGatewayRedirs.rule": "hostregexp(`{host:.+}`)",
"traefik.http.routers.blogGatewayRedirs.entrypoints": "web",
"traefik.http.routers.blogGatewayRedirs.middlewares": "redirect-to-https"

This work, but it expose two domain instead of one.

I have tried to follow this tutorial : but I keep losing the track of my change, this configuration is somehow totally different from my current one.

How can I perform a redirect from @ to www with traefik v2 ?