GitLab Auto DevOps with Traefik instead of NGINX?

One of GitLabs requirements for Auto DevOps is NGINX

NGINX Ingress. You can deploy it to your Kubernetes cluster by installing the GitLab-managed app for Ingress, after configuring GitLab's Kubernetes integration in the previous step.

Alternatively, you can use the nginx-ingress Helm chart to install Ingress manually.

NOTE: Note: If you use your own Ingress instead of the one provided by GitLab's managed apps, ensure you're running at least version 0.9.0 of NGINX Ingress and enable Prometheus metrics for the response metrics to appear. You must also annotate the NGINX Ingress deployment to be scraped by Prometheus using "true" and "10254" .

I guess it should also work with Traefik when ingress is enabled.

Is someone here using GitLab Auto DevOps with Traefik instead of NGINX?

Take a look at this article, I've managed to use k3s witch comes with traefik ingress by default.