Getting started with Traefik

Hi all,

Looking at replacing nginx as the reverse proxy for my docker services. Currently all the services are behind a single host name, with each service having its own port. nginx loads its certificate from files generated by letsencrypt requests that are on another server (the server running nginx is not accessible from the internet).

So, what I'd like to be able to do is:

  1. Specify the path to the LE certificate and private key. Ideally, traefik will reload these when they change
  2. Dynamically configure entrypoints (ideally through docker labels)
  3. Dynamically configure forwarding from specific entrypoints to ports on docker containers (again, through docker labels preferably).

I'm aiming for all the config to be completely dynamic if at all possible, with entrypoints and routers configured by docker labels on docker services running via docker-compose. To do this, traefik will create its own docker network, and the other services will join this network.

Can anyone give me examples of how to do this using docker-compose? Failing that, pointers to specific bits of documentation that tell me how to do the above?

Thanks in advance.