Getting 503 status code on dashboard

I am getting a " 503 Service Unavailable" message on the dashboard.

I want to expose the dashboard over the ingress route and with auth middleware.

Static configuration:

  insecure = false
  dashboard = true

Dynamic configuration:

kind: IngressRoute
  name: traefik-web-ui
  namespace: kube-system
    - websecure
    - match: Host(``) && (PathPrefix(`/traefik`))
      kind: Rule
      - name: dashboard-basic-auth
      - name: dashboard-strip-prefix
      priority: 30
        - name: api@internal
          kind: TraefikService
    certResolver: letsencrypt

When I set API insecure to true and port forward it to localhost I am getting a dashboard with all data and when accessing the route for a dashboard I get these errors shown in the image below.

I recommend to add a Kubernetes tag your post.

I managed to fix it I just needed to RTFM :smiley: so if anyone else has this problem check this link Traefik Dashboard Documentation - Traefik
There is a line " Traefik must match the path prefixes /api and /dashboard." maybe it would be helpful for people like me to bold this text.
After I added this rule everything worked fine I just had an issue with my backend rest endpoint called api/v1 so I needed to adjust the priority for the dashboard route to be less than api/v1 route
Traefik Routers Documentation - Traefik

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