General question to enhance understanding

I use treaefik on a RPI with serveral Containers. For updating my changing IP, i use a ddclient container. For this container, in my understanding is no routing over traefik needed. So in the releated docker-compose file i set no labels.

Nevertheless i see the following error in the traefik log:

"... level=error msg="service \"ddclient-ddclient\" error: port is missing" container=ddclient-ddclient-7082 ..."

I think it has been something to do with, there is no port definition in the docker-compose file for ddclient

a. Why is traefik recocnizing the ddclient container, even i set no labels in the correspondending docker-compose file?

b. Is there any way to fix this?

Not really a problem, because ddclient is working fine, but i like to enhance my traefik knowledge. :wink:

Hi @TheBoneZone

By default Traefik will create routes for all detected containers.

exposeByDefault=false in the traefik compose file was the solution.


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