Forward auth session time question

Hello Community,

I tried forward auth with keycloak and authentik and its working fine.
My problem is that every hour the connection bounces to the authenticator and then back to the website im using so active connections are closed for a moment to the websites behind forward auth.
In keycloak and authentik I configured a session time of 1 day and in the application logins this is working fine.
Is there a way in traefik to not revalidate the forward auth every hour ? I didnt find a solution in the documentation and forum.


Not an expert in ForwardAuth, but according to docs I would expect every single request to be forwarded by Traefik to the auth service. So I would expect different behavior be based on the services behind ForwardAuth.

yes that could be but the as long as the session is active so im using the website active evverything is fine. My problem is when I create a bigger documentation in bookstack for example and klick in save sometimes it sends me to the authenticator and then all my documentation is gone. (yes I can save multiple times but for other non it collegues that not a good solution thats why im asking if anyone know a work around)

I don’t think Traefik has a session, it is just forwarding requests.

Share your Traefik static and dynamic config, and docker-compose.yml if used.

Yes i googled some more and it looks like it's a thing with the browser session time. There are extensions that reload the site from time to time to keep the session alive and then this not happen anymore.

Thanks for your help.

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