"failed to watch KV" when setting up etcd provider


I've been playing around with the etcd provider and I can't get it to work. I'm running traefik 2.2.1 and etcd server 3.3.8.

I thought I misconfigured the endpoint uri, but after changing the port in the endpoint to something random traefik complains about Error while initializing provider *etcd.Provider: failed to Connect to KV store: context deadline exceeded. Changing the port back to the correct port and the error disappears. So I assume the connection is working.

My provider config is rather simple:

    - --providers.kubernetescrd
    - --providers.etcd=true
    - --providers.etcd.endpoints=

If I read the log correctly the provider starts and manages to write & validate a key (the second line with the Exists), but after that it seems to be broken.

The debug log shows:

level=info msg="Starting provider *etcd.Provider {\"rootKey\":\"traefik\",\"endpoints\":[\"\"]}"
level=debug msg="Exists: traefik/qmslkjdfmqlskdjfmqlksjazçueznbvbwzlkajzebvkwjdcqmlsfj"
level=debug msg="Added outgoing tracing middleware api@internal" routerName=api@internal entryPointName=traefik middlewareType=TracingForwarder middlewareName=tracing
level=debug msg="Added outgoing tracing middleware dashboard@internal" middlewareType=TracingForwarder entryPointName=traefik routerName=dashboard@internal middlewareName=tracing
level=debug msg="Creating middleware" entryPointName=traefik routerName=dashboard@internal middlewareName=dashboard_stripprefix@internal middlewareType=StripPrefix
level=debug msg="Adding tracing to middleware" routerName=dashboard@internal middlewareName=dashboard_stripprefix@internal entryPointName=traefik
level=debug msg="Creating middleware" middlewareType=RedirectRegex entryPointName=traefik routerName=dashboard@internal middlewareName=dashboard_redirect@internal
level=debug msg="Setting up redirection from ^(http:\\/\\/[^:\\/]+(:\\d+)?)\\/$ to ${1}/dashboard/" routerName=dashboard@internal middlewareName=dashboard_redirect@internal middlewareType=RedirectRegex entryPointName=traefik
level=debug msg="Adding tracing to middleware" middlewareName=dashboard_redirect@internal entryPointName=traefik routerName=dashboard@internal
level=debug msg="Creating middleware" middlewareName=traefik-internal-recovery middlewareType=Recovery entryPointName=traefik
level=debug msg="Added outgoing tracing middleware ping@internal" entryPointName=ping routerName=ping@internal middlewareName=tracing middlewareType=TracingForwarder
level=debug msg="Creating middleware" entryPointName=ping middlewareName=traefik-internal-recovery middlewareType=Recovery
level=debug msg="No default certificate, generating one"
level=debug msg="List: traefik"
level=error msg="Cannot build the configuration: Key not found in store" providerName=etcd
level=debug msg="WatchTree: traefik"
level=debug msg="No secret name provided" providerName=kubernetescrd
level=debug msg="Configuration received from provider kubernetescrd: {...}" providerName=kubernetescrd
level=error msg="KV connection error: failed to watch KV: Key not found in store, retrying in 503.04503ms" providerName=etcd
level=debug msg="WatchTree: traefik"

Did I misconfigure something? Or do I somehow have to prepare the traefik key in etcd?