External access

I had some help, deploying Traefik in on my docker host. And it's working perfect.

So now I expanded to using a k8s cluster.
I have installed it using helm, and added a config, that set's certificate resolvers, but otherwise is default.

I have also deployed Grafana, using helm, and set the following config.

apiVersion: traefik.containo.us/v1alpha1
kind: IngressRoute
name: grafana-ingress
- websecure

  • match: Host(grafana.cmplab.dk)
    kind: Rule
    • name: grafana
      port: 80
      certResolver: letsencrypt

My problem is, that it's working internal, but not external.
I have moved my working nat, from my old docker host (that was working perfect), to the external ip of my k8s cluster (the same I access it local) but it's not working.
I just get a timeout.

Is there some default setting, preventing me from accessing from a public ip, or is there somewhere, I can look for log's etc. to try to troubleshoot.

I got so great help here the last time, so I'm hoping for a bit more :slight_smile: