Exporting metrics to prometheus


I'm new to using Traefik so please excuse my depth in knowledge :slight_smile:

I have 2 instances of traefik deployed to a Nomad cluster with Consul used as the service discovery provider to Traefik. Everything is working great except now that I want to monitor Traefik itself, the endpoint to get the metrics is stuck on :8081/metrics.

This wouldn't be so much a problem but when configuring prometheus to also use Consul, the exposed Traefik service is on port 8080.

I guess my question is, can I expose another service like "traefik-metrics" to Consul when deploying Traefik, or is something like exporting metrics on port 8080 possible?

snippet of traefik config

    address = ":8080"
    address = ":8081"
    entryPoint = "http"
    dashboard = true
    insecure  = true

# Enable Consul Catalog configuration backend.
    prefix           = "traefik"
    exposedByDefault = false

      address = ""
      scheme  = "http"
# Metrics

prometheus config

  - job_name: 'traefik'
    metrics_path: '/metrics'

    - server: '{{ env "NOMAD_IP_prometheus_ui" }}:8500'
      services: ['traefik']