Error the service "baz@file" does not exist gets logged when using docker compose profiles

  1. I am using traefik community as an ingress controller for a docker-compose environment.
  2. I am using --profile=foo or --profile=bar or --profile=baz to determine which services start
  3. When I docker compose --profile foo up, traefik compains:

traefik | time="2023-09-07T15:56:02Z" level=error msg="the service "baz@file" does not exist" entryPointName=web routerName=baz@file

Is this preventable or a misconfiguration, or just due to (purposely) not all the services running, this is logged and can be ignored?


Share your full Traefik static and dynamic config, and docker-compose.yml if used.

It's non trivial to obfuscate these files in a way that I feel comfortable posting online. I can do some batch find and replaces, but I might provide slightly broken configs this way.