Error from Traefik - DownstreamStatus":404,"OriginDuration":10790

Hi Guys
I'm getting a load of these error messages from my v1.7.x installation on kubernetes. There are no errors on the dashboards either. Any ideas what could be the issue?

 {"DownstreamStatus":404,"OriginDuration":10790,"OriginStatusLine":"404 Not Found","Overhead":135541,"RequestMethod":"GET","RequestPath":"/metrics","RetryAttempts":0,"StartUTC":"2021-05-20T14:52:13.873578038Z","level":"info","msg":"","time":"2021-05-20T14:52:13Z"}

Hey @trafficker

Seems that this is related to the endpoints /metrics. Did you enable it? Here is the official documentation to Metrics. Overview - Traefik

You can also have a look at the latest workshop "Getting started with Traefik", and here is the link exactly to the chapter with Metrics:

I also highly recommend upgrading to V2.

Thank you,