End-to-end example and guide on how to use Traefik with Pomerium identity-aware access proxy in Forward Auth and Proxy mode on Kubernets with Helm/Helmfile

I create this end-to-end guide and an example on how combine Traefik with Pomerium.

For those who don't know it Pomerium is an "Identity-aware Secure Application Access Proxy to Authenticate, authorize, monitor, and secure user access to any application without a VPN"

From past discussion here some recommended solutions where [thomseddon/traefik-forward-auth] or forks of that. I personally think Pomerium is the most versatile and powerful solution out there today, especially if someone is on Kubernetes. Pomerium doesn't yet have a ton of documentation, hence this guide.

Cool stuff @Vad1mo Maybe add it to the https://github.com/traefik/traefik/wiki/Awesome-Traefik

Hey Brian, thank you. Will do so.

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