EKS - Getting Timeout while hitting the Ingress URL


I'm using the Traefik v1.87.7 installed through Helm Chart (charts/stable/traefik at master · helm/charts · GitHub) in my EKS cluster (v1.17). Traefik is working fine in my regular cluster.

I needed to create a new cluster with a different set of subnets as the current subnets have a small CIDR range. I have a new domain for the new EKS cluster (SSL certificates are in ACM). For some reason, I'm getting timeout whenever I hit the ingress URL.

The New EKS cluster has the same Traefik version as the Old once does and the services are working fine when I do port-forward to my local.

Does having the same version of Traefik in both cluster is cause any issue? or am I missing anything here?

Appreciate any help.

Note: There is nothing wrong with New subnets; I have verfied them thrice hoping I would something on that.

Thank you!