Dynamic Configuration not working for 2nd domain

Hey there , I've got the following dynamic.toml

         address = ":443"
         address = ":80"
              rule = "Host(`cb.xx.com`)"
              service = "cbhttp"
              entryPoints = ["web"]
              rule = "Host(`cbp.xx.com`)"
              service = "cbphttp"
              entryPoints = ["web"]
              rule = "Host(`drive.xx.com`)"
              service = "drivehttp"
              entryPoints = ["web"]
              rule = "Host(`psdrive.xx.com`)"
              service = "psdrivehttp"
              entryPoints = ["web"]
                  url = ""
                  url = ""
                  url = ""
                  url = ""

Which works like a charm, problem is when I add another domain lets say I change psdrive.xx.com to psdrive.yy.com It does not seem to work and always serves a 404 page.
Am I missing something? Does the dynamic.toml file not support multiple domains?

Keep in mind that I am using routes and services with the yy.com domain via docker labels and it works fine.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You can use multiple routers without a problem. Are you replacing an existing one, adding a secondary host or adding a new router? Just make sure they have a unique name.

And, of course, make sure your new domain points to the correct external IP of your Traefik host.

Thanks for the reply!
So I got it to work but I noticed something strange.

yy.com only works with websecure entry point while xx.com works with both websecure and web entry points. Any idea what might be causing this?

You have to tell your router which entrypoints to listen on. If you only use web and not websecure then you can not access your router/service via https.