Does the TCP load balancer service support healthchecks like the HTTP one?

Hi guys, I'm checking if I can use traefik v2.0.0-beta1 to solve my routing problem

I have a multi-container application where once in a while there's a container that will expose a TCP socket and accept connections. Using a file provider, If I configure all container addresses on Traefik when I try to hit the entrypoint + router + service load balancer that is targeting this socket, Traefik appears to be doing a "blind" round-robin going through its list of servers, returning a "connection closed by foreign host" error until it reaches the container that actually accepts the connection

Given that only one of the containers will actually expose the port, so far I didn't find a way to make Traefik retry the connection until one of the servers accepts, instead of just blindly routing and getting a "channel closed" error.

I guess this problem could be solved if the TCP load balancer had a healthcheck like its HTTP cousin given that the containers have an endpoint for this, is that possible somehow?



As far as I know, the TCP load balancer does not have any healthcheck of any kind at the moment.


Is it planned to be able to add an HTTP health check to a TCP service?