DockerCompose Project not fetched as Backend

Hey there,

I have a traefik 1.7.20 running. When I add a static NGINX Container to my working docker environment everything is working, but when trying to add my bitwarden nginx it is not loading and I have totally no clue at all why.

      - 8555:8080
      traefik.enable: "true"
      traefik.backend: "bitwarden_X_de"
      traefik.frontend.rule: "" "web"
      traefik.frontend.headers.STSSeconds: "31536000"
      traefik.frontend.headers.STSIncludeSubdomains: "true"
      traefik.frontend.headers.STSPreload: "true"
      traefik.port: "8080"

I am able to visit the ip address with port 8555 successfully, but bitwarden_X_de is not shown in my traefik dashboard. Using the same configuration with an nginx container and is working instantly.

On this maschine we have over 30 backends working without a problem, but this was is not showing up and I am not able to debug this problem as I see no start point for debugging.

Thanks for your help,


Solved after changing back to an over version of bitwarden nginx.