Docker compose tag latest lost tracking


I lost the tag tracking, I had it set to :latest :frowning: in docker-compose.yml, is there a way to see in the docker image what real tag is on my system?
By real which tag corresponds with that latest.

Last updated 10 months ago.
More info:
sha256:18471c10e6e4ba7bc20f9783355e98ea3c4314e961a3c78e9bd4ccf0322d2233: traefik: latest



we recommend to not use latest tag but an explicit version.

To get the version:

docker run traefik:latest version

Once again, we recommend to use explicit version like v2.2 or v2.2.0

Yes, that's my lesson, but now I have to fix it :D.

I am trying this:

for i in $(cat ~/all_t_tag_names.txt); do docker manifest inspect traefik:$i; done > results.txt

wish me luck that the SHA hashcode is present.

aaa, didn't sow your command, silly me.

Version: v1.7.12
Codename: maroilles
Go version: go1.11.10
Built: 2019-05-29_07:35:02PM
OS/Arch: linux/amd64

Phew, it's v1.

Thanks a lot.