Docker-compose down then up became TRAEFIK DEFAULT CERT

I used docker-compose up to automatically obtain the wildcard domain, then docker-compose down, and then docker-compose up, the certificate did become TRAEFIK DEFAULT CERT. Is there any way to not use the traefik default certificate after down and up

I followed this operation, it was successful,
But after docker-compose down then up, the certificate becomes traefik default cert.

I checked with dig
_acme-challenge.yourdomain. 21599 IN CNAME
but it's _acme-challenge.default 21599 IN CNAME

what can i do ?


Ok, back up the previous acme.json, re-run docker-compose up -d to re-acquire the new pan-domain certificate, but forgot to create a new acme.json file, directly run docker-compose up -d automatically The generated acme.json turned out to be a directory, but the certificate is normal. Fainted. This acme-dns pan-domain certificate, follow-up open source docker-compose down and then docker-compose up, this operation seems to be invalid, becomes traefik default cert The default certificate, is there a way to use the certificate applied for after down and up, instead of the traefik default certificate. Is there a solution. Thank you

Hello, I followed your steps, and I also succeeded, using Tencent Cloud DNS, but after docker-compose down and then docker-compose up, then the pan-domain certificate becomes traefik default cert.
Use dig to check _acme-challenge.yourdomain. 21599 IN CNAME
But in the browser's certificate, the user's optional name is traefik.default. Is there any way to change it back to the previous correct certificate?