Directory and filename not working together?

Hi everyone,

better to ask here first instead of opening an issue right away.

The documentation is not clear enough, but what about given a filename and a directory to the file provider? If I only use the filename, everything works. If I add the directory, the filename is not read anymore:

Here is the log of both cases:

traefikv2  | time="2019-09-27T11:51:26Z" level=info msg="Starting provider *file.Provider {\"watch\":true,\"filename\":\"/traefik-internal.toml\"}"
traefikv2  | time="2019-09-27T11:51:26Z" level=debug msg="Configuration received from provider file: {\"http\":{},\"tcp\":{},\"tls\":{\"stores\":{\"default\":{\"defaultCertificate\":{\"certFile\":\"/certs/crt\",\"keyFile\":\"/certs/key\"}}}}}" providerName=file
traefikv2  | time="2019-09-27T11:51:37Z" level=debug msg="Serving default certificate for request: \"<stripped-out>\""

and here with both set

traefikv2  | time="2019-09-27T11:56:27Z" level=info msg="Starting provider *file.Provider {\"directory\":\"/traefik.d/\",\"watch\":true,\"filename\":\"/traefik-internal.toml\"}"
traefikv2  | time="2019-09-27T11:56:27Z" level=debug msg="Configuration received from provider file: {\"http\":{},\"tcp\":{},\"tls\":{}}" providerName=file
traefikv2  | time="2019-09-27T11:56:27Z" level=debug msg="No default certificate, generating one"

Is this behaviour a bug, then there should be an issue. If this behaviour is desired, the documentation should reflect that the settings are mutual exclusive.



It's the expected behavior, could you create a PR to enhance the documentation?

Thanks @Idez, PR is done:

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For documentation enhancement/bugfixes you can use the branch v2.0 instead of master.

I already rebased your 2 PRs.

Thank you for the help on the documentation :+1:

Thank you. NP. Good that it's so easy to contribute. Other projects go through a totally complicated process to get a PR that is approved, signed (on real paper).