Different Wildcard certificate?

I have found this tutorial https://medium.com/@containeroo/traefik-2-0-wildcard-lets-encrypt-certificates-1658370adc68

When I use certresolver I can set a normal certificate for my site. Ex. site1.domain1.tld.

I can set a Wildcard certificate with *.domain1.tld

That is ok. But how can i choose this wildcard?

For example:
I have three separate services with separate domains (service1 with domain1.com, service2 with domain2.com and service3 domain3.com) and all woth wildcard certificate

When I create a new service (service4) with domain new.domain2.tld I will take the wildcard from service2. But how can i make this with docker-compose?


If there a matching cert, traefik will use it automatically.

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