Dedicated TLS certificate for termination on certain services


I am running traefik v2.2.8 as my ingress in Kubernetes. In my traefik dynamic file, I have configured a default certificate:

        certFile: “/etc/tls/“
        keyFile: “/etc/tls/“

The default certificate mentioned above is a wildcard TLS certificate without SAN. Now, I have a use case where some services exposed via IngressRoute need to use their own TLS certificates for TLS termination in traefik that uses different FQDNs as well. For example:

How can I assign a dedicated TLS certificate for the 3 services above? Please take note that they’re all using the “” domain and the default TLS certificate is a wildcard TLS certificate already (*

I would really appreciate it for any advise or tips you can share to me. Thank you very much in advance!

Kind regards,