Datadog Metrics and Tracing No Longer Showing Up after Move to V2

We just recently moved from Traefik v1.7 to v2.9. In the process though we lost metrics and tracing to datadog.

Our tracing and metric setup is done with adding additional values to the helm chart like so:

  - "--tracing.datadog=true"
  - "--tracing.datadog.localAgentHostPort=$(DATADOG_HOST):8126"
  - "--metrics.datadog=true"
  - "--metrics.datadog.address=$(DATADOG_HOST):8125"
  - name: DATADOG_HOST
        apiVersion: v1
        fieldPath: status.hostIP

At Traefik pod startup, I see the following log:
2022/12/06 18:11:17 Datadog Tracer v1.38.1 INFO: DATADOG TRACER CONFIGURATION {"date":"2022-12-06T18:11:17Z","os_name":"Linux (Unknown Distribution)","os_version":"unknown","version":"v1.38.1","lang":"Go","lang_version":"go1.19.3","env":"","service":"traefik","agent_url":"","agent_error":"","debug":false,"analytics_enabled":false,"sample_rate":"NaN","sampling_rules":null,"sampling_rules_error":"","service_mappings":null,"tags":{"runtime-id":"7d78b0a9-68b3-4f51-a7a5-0383b49f4d63"},"runtime_metrics_enabled":false,"health_metrics_enabled":false,"profiler_code_hotspots_enabled":true,"profiler_endpoints_enabled":true,"dd_version":"","architecture":"amd64","global_service":"","lambda_mode":"false","appsec":false,"agent_features":{"DropP0s":true,"Stats":true,"StatsdPort":0}

And you can see there the in the log that ENV in the additional arguments resolved as expected. But I dont see anything else in the logs after that concerning metrics or tracing.

For what it's worth, I also see this in the pod arguments:

        - '--metrics.prometheus=true'
        - '--metrics.prometheus.entrypoint=metrics'

However we are not setting those values anywhere, and it looks like from the helm chart that those should actually not be there at all.

In the Traefik Dashboard it says that Datadog is the Tracer and that Prometheus is in the Metrics.

We are running on Kubernetes 1.22 in EKS for reference.