Dashboard invalid XHR requests (http response code 400)

While perusing the dashboard with the developer tools open in Chrome, I noticed the following requests are all invalid and lead to console errors:




This happens for each of the sections in the main and secondary nav...

When any of the problematic URLs is visited directly, the following is displayed...

{"message":"invalid request: page: 2, per_page: 10"}

There are no errors on any pages - just in the console.

Yeah, I'm seeing this same. It could be normal if no issues in the UI. Do you have any TCP or UDP services?

I do not [yet].

It seems benign, but still, I don't think errors should be appearing in the console.

Yeah, it good to be put out here, but it's up for the developers to decide. I can open an issue on github, if they indicate it's useful.

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