Custom Response Headers are not set for WSS:// request

I am working on setting up Traefik to route to an application that uses websockets. The routing is working in some cases and if a user is behind a HTTPS proxy then I am seeing 403 BlockWebsockets error. I am not sure if user's proxy is blocking the request but the same user is able to use another application that is behind nginx that uses websockets with out any issues.

I saw a suggestion to set CORS headers on the response which I am trying to do and I am able to set headers on the https response but not on WSS
These are the labels from the docker-compose file

          traefik.frontend.entryPoints: "https"
          traefik.frontend.headers.customResponseHeaders: "Access-Control-Allow-Methods:GET, POST, OPTIONS, PUT||Access-Control-Allow-Origin:*"

The wss response is:

HTTP/1.1 101 Switching Protocols
Upgrade: websocket
Connection: Upgrade

with out the custom response headers. Is there anything specific to WSS i have to set to enable CORS on wss response.

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Hello @yanz67,

Can you please provide us with your Traefik configuration, and the full set of labels on the container in question?

Websocket responses should not be treated any differently in regards to custom header addition.

If you have the dashboard enabled, does it show the custom headers in the frontend created for your container?

Hi @daniel.tomcej,

Thank your for the response.

Here is the traefik.toml

insecureSkipVerify= true
  checkNewVersion = true
  sendAnonymousUsage = true
 defaultEntryPoints = ["http", "https"]

  address = ":443"
  email = ""
  caServer = ""
  storage = "acme.json"
  entryPoint = "https"
  onHostRule = true

        address = "https://traefik-idc"
        insecureSkipVerify = true

Here is the label's from docker compose file

      - "traefik.backend=coder"
      - ";PathPrefixStrip:/vscode/"
      - "traefik.frontend.entryPoints=https"
      - "traefik.frontend.headers.customResponseHeaders=Access-Control-Allow-Methods:GET, POST, OPTIONS, PUT||Access-Control-Allow-Origin:*"

I check the dashboard and Custom Response Headers are part of the front end configuration

I checked it again and the response headers are set properly on all the HTTPS request but not WSS
Let me know if you need any other information.

All the best,