Custom Login solution


I'm trying to achieve a SSO solution with traefik + authelia.

My current setup:

  1. User accesses https://hv.domain.tld
  2. Gets redirected to my authelia instance at https://auth.domain.tld
  3. Logs in via MFA and reaches his service without any problem.
  4. User has to login to the service, with the same username + pw as it is all saved in our AD

My Service at hv.domain.tld won't accept any headers by a trusted proxy to automatically login the user there. To login the user he needs a valid ticket, which is obtainable via the service's API.

Basically I am trying to make traefik do a request to the REST API, get the ticket and set the cookie so that when the User reaches his service he will be logged in "automatically".

I thought about adding a second forwardauth middleware, but there is no way to have traefik make a POST request.

Is there any way to achieve this goal with traefik?