Custom Error Pages are always shown



Given the lag of documentation on error pages I am out of ideas what could be relevant for my situation. If I add the error page configuration to the admin , then I always get the error page, always, no matter what the state of the admin host is, i can request it easily directly and it works fine, but traefik redirects always to the error page. I am already on debugging of traefik but that debugging says actually totally nothing about why it does something.

I am totally out of ideas, and I have no idea what at all is relevant. Where is it documented what defines for the HTTP request if its ok or not? I thought all the time, traefik makes a request checks its status and displays the error if there is an error code that is returned (or nothing returned), but it seems that is just wrong, but there is no other behavior documented, so I am now totally out of ideas what the hell is going on here.

How are custom error pages supposed to work? Someone has an actual working setup?



this syntax is invalid, the right syntax is:

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Ah! Hehe, the top 5 google results on docker error pages traefik are using that syntax i used 8-D, that is why I thought it was the right form. I tried it now, and it seems to work exactly as expected! :smiley: big thanks for pointing this out.