Creating custom plugin using local mode is failing

Created the dockerfile that pulls the plugindemo.

# Dockerfile.demo - Example for Traefik Proxy and a demo plugin from git:
FROM alpine:3
RUN apk add --update git && \
    git clone /plugins-local/src/ \
      --depth 1 --single-branch --branch master

FROM traefik:v2.5
COPY --from=0 /plugins-local /plugins-local

Using helm, tried installing the above traefik image. The helm values file :

# Default values for Traefik
  name: roshan96sunaina/plugindemo
  # defaults to appVersion
  tag: "1"
  pullPolicy: Always

# Enable experimental features
    enabled: true

# Logs
  # Traefik logs concern everything that happens to Traefik itself (startup, configuration, events, shutdown, and so on).
    # By default, the logs use a text format (common), but you can
    # also ask for the json format in the format option
    # format: json
    # By default, the level is set to ERROR. Alternative logging levels are DEBUG, PANIC, FATAL, ERROR, WARN, and INFO.
    level: DEBUG

And helm install is a success :

But when I check the logs, it shows that the local plugin is not considered as part of the static configuration :

Any idea what I am doing wrong?