CRD shows "service does not exist" when following the acme example

Hey all, I've run into this now a couple of times and decided to try and follow the Acme tutorial exactly: . When I get everything set up and launch my "whoami" service as described in the tutorial, the dashboard shows that the service is present, but the router says

the service "simpleingressroute-eb750925843350d8c9eb@kubernetescrd" does not exist

I'm not sure what I've done wrong and would appreciate any tips. My yaml is exactly what's on that tutorial.

I've done a bit more reproducing of this trying to figure out my issue (still doesn't work). I'm running in GKE.

Following the repro steps:

  1. If I copy/paste exactly everything that is in that acme tutorial page and apply it I first see the errors:
unable to recognize "ingress.yaml": no matches for kind "IngressRoute" in version ""
unable to recognize "ingress.yaml": no matches for kind "IngressRoute" in version ""
  1. I modify the CRD and change the scope from Namespaced to Cluster and reapply the CRD
  2. This starts the Traefik, the dashboard, and the whoami service
  3. Viewing the dashboard shows an HTTP Router for whoami but then shows the service does not exist

Ok, because I'm still having this issue I decided to try and spin up a kubernetes cluster in Digital Ocean instead of GKE wondering if maybe GKE didn't allow some feature.

This did not work. I still see "the service does not exist".

I feel like I'm missing something very basic. Any help is much appreciated.

The service does not exist may mean that Kubernetes Service it's referring to is not there. It it is not then traefik service also cannot be created, thus the error.

The yaml that on this page should work without changes, I think you are skipping a step or changing something you should not, and that's what causes the problem.