Couchbase sync gateway


I am trying to do the following with Traefik 1.7.

The https work. I can't get the websocke to work.

2019-11-17T19:12:01.224Z [DBG] WS+: c:[18366323] Push RPY#6
2019-11-17T19:12:01.224Z [DBG] WS+: c:[18366323] Sending frame: RPY#6 (flags= 1, size= 10)
2019-11-17T19:12:01.401Z [DBG] WS+: c:[18366323] receiveLoop stopped
2019-11-17T19:12:01.401Z [DBG] WS+: c:[18366323] parseLoop stopped
2019-11-17T19:12:01.401Z [DBG] WS+: c:[18366323] Sender stopped
2019-11-17T19:12:01.401Z [INF] HTTP: c:[18366323] #36405: --> BLIP+WebSocket connection closed

Hi @ekjuanrejon , as websockets and HTTP(S) are well supported by Traefik (both v1 and v2), it shold work.

Could you share more information: the log provided here is partial and context-less: how is Traefik deployed? in which environment? What is the configuration provider (file, docker, Kubernetes, other?) and what are the values? Is websockets on another entrypoint than HTTP?

I can confirm that it works with traefik 2.0.5

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