ConsulCatalog refreshinterval

Currently I'm trying out a few different providers,

  • Docker
  • Consul
  • ConsulCatalog

For ConsulCatalog, the default refreshinterval of 15s causes too much noise in the logs and apart from filtering the output manually I don't see any way to control this. The only option I found was to increase refreshInterval, however this is not ideal because then you need to wait longer for new services to become available.

I am also finding that when Traefik restarts, it will not scrape the consulcatalog until that refresh interval, so upon a restart of traefik none of my consul catalog services are available until the first sync, I would have thought it would always perform a sync on first startup but that does not appear to be the case.

My questions are:

  1. How to reduce log output but have consistent consul catalog refreshes?
  2. Is it possible to manually force a scrape, either by CLI/API?
  3. Is it possible to configure consulcatalog provider to watch for changes?
  4. should consulcatalog be performing an initial sync/scrape on traefik startup?