Connection refused when I stop kubectl port-forward... from "Traefik & CRD & Let's Encrypt" gtuide


After following the instructions on Traefik & CRD & Let's Encrypt, I could access using a browser to the URLS of the guide:

But those URLs stop working when I stop the command (from the guide):

kubectl port-forward --address service/traefik 8000:8000 8080:8080 443:4443 -n default

I am using all the .yaml file in that guide. The cluster is a kubernetes 1.18 running traefik 2.2.1 on ubuntu 20.04 workers and master.

How could I keep accessing those URLs without running kubectl port-forward ....?

I think I am missing something, but I am new in traefik, and I am not sure what it could be. Should I change something in the .yaml configuration of that guide? Should I run something else?

I finally solved. :+1: