Connecting traefik to an external target service

Hi all. I am running traefik in Kubernetes/EKS, using the dynamic configuration with Kubernetes Custom Resources. I would like to configure traefik to forward all requests for a given URL pattern to an external host. This could be any host on the public internet. I've been digging through the documentation but have yet to find a way to get this to work. Can anyone provide an example of how to do this?

Hello can you look at this link maybe this example can help you

Thanks, and yes, I have read that article. It includes this configuration.

          - url: ""

I haven't yet found a way to replicate this using Kubernetes Custom Resources. It seems like this feature doesn't exist for CRDs or it might be configured in some other way. I'd be interested to hear how this would be accomplished for CRDs.

Yea a lot of examples show dynamic configuration via file provider if you want to use CRD check this docs

Thanks. I have also read that page. It doesn't have an example of the specific thing which I am trying to do, which is to forward all requests with a given URL pattern to an external host, using CRD.