Connect to docker on remote host

I have 2 machines, let's call them A and B. A and B are on the same network/subnet. Both are running docker (no swarm). Traefik is up and running on host A. How to configure Traefik to add docker on host B? Is it even possible?

No, this is what swarm & k8s are for.

Your only option(aside from swarm/k8s) is to treat host B as an external host, setup up servers/backed to reference HostB.

The docker provider polls the docker daemon for data. The docker labels provider the router, middleware, and service data. The network address required for the services likewise come from the container data and docker networks.

The provider only connects to one docker socket/daemon. So there is no way to get those data from Host B.

Thanks, cakiwi. I had a feeling this wasn't possible. Now, I have to figure out whether setting up swarm for the two hosts makes any sense or should I just go the "servers/backed..." route.

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