Confused about traefik's service discovery when using dynamic configuration file


I noticed on my traefik dashboard that routers and services that I have added using dynamic configuration have a duplicate HTTP router, with a containerName-folderName. On the other hand, if I do everything using labels, then there is no duplicate. Here is a screenshot of this:

The green ones are fine, and as expected. The one in the red is the part I'm confused about. How did this even get created? There is also no container running called portainer-rebuilddocker, only one called portainer. Is there any way to remove this router or fix this behavior, or is this required?

Sorry, the red text overlapped the next line. But portainer-rebuilddocker is the one in red/auto generated, and portainer.admin.devel was created using dynamic conf. I would like to know why the first one exists and if it is possible to remove it. I have exposed by default set to false.

Traefik does not create routers/services by itself, so it has to come from somewhere. Most obvious options are provider.file or provider.docker.

Check the files and use docker inspect and docker service inspect. Maybe portainer created it or it comes from using Docker-compose and includes the project name or path.

Thank you, turned out that having "trafik.enable=true" in the docker compose file was the issue!

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