Cloudflare and traefik configuation to enable https on kubernetes

Hi Team, I need help in setting up https on traefik2.2, I have a domain registered on cloudflare which provides ssl certificates, please help how can i setup traefik to enable https and use ssl key generated by cloudflare for that domain?

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Hello, I am in the same situation. Could you find something?

Hi =)

TLS/SSL Setup Cloudflare: FULL

HELM Install with following Chart repo:
Traefik | traefik-helm-chart (traefik ingress)
Cowboy Sysop Charts | Repository of Helm charts (whoami) --> please Traefik maintain your repo !!!

when installing traefik search for(is false):

      enabled: true

when installing whoami search for:

# Service type
  type: ClusterIP
  enabled: true

  # IngressClass that will be be used to implement the Ingress
  ingressClassName: ""

  # Ingress path type
  pathType: Prefix

    { websecure
  # nginx
  # "true"
    - host:
        - /
  tls: []

Last step:
Copy IP from loadbalancer and create the DNS entry A and CNAME

Type	Name	   Content	
A  666.777.888.999
CNAME   whoami
CNAME   www

TTL AUTO and Proxied