Change app log's level at runtime

In docker-compose.yml I have this config for the app log:

  - --log.level=INFO

When I perform some diagnostic work, I have to change that to DEBUG, then restart traefik. That is bad for users, as it drops active/pending connections.

Can I change the log level at runtime, without restarting traefik?

Traefik logging is defined in static config (doc), so can currently not be changed on the fly.

If you want to try to change this, open a feature request on Github.

We use a load balancer in front of our Traefik instances, that way we can update one instance after another. Traefik/Docker usually waits 10 seconds for requests „in flight“ to finish.

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Thanks, I've opened a feature request.

If anyone else wants this functionality, please upvote that issue.

(Your workaround is appreciated. In my case though I need something simpler, because I have a very simple infrastructure, with only one traefik instance and no load balancer.)