Cant seem to get a certificate

Ive been using or more struggeling with traefik the last week, I have posted earlier different configs. Today I found TechnoTim's Put SSL certificate on eveything and he really had the issue I had, so I watched it twice, made his files to mine and started the docker-compose. No errors, teh acme.json file gets filled.
Still I cant access the dashboard using a certificate. I have no idea what error I have made, atm I have backed to have a more simple solution.

I have troed different Cloudflare keys... that may be an issue.

Please help. It must be an simple issue.

What's in the traefik log?

I'd love to see some logs... but how?

I've tried to add it to the traefik.yml but nothing.

The docker container says level info, and that say all is good.

You have no volume mounted to your /traefik.log, so you can access this file only from inside your container.

Either you add

- ./appdata/traefik/traefik.log:/traefik.log

to your docker-compose.yaml or you remove the line filePath: /traefik.log from your traefik.yml. The you can access the logs with the logs command from docker or docker-compose.

BTW: A few days ago i've uploaded a working basic example of traefik2 with TLS encryption to GitHub:

Maybe this could help.


Can you access the dashboard from http ?