Can't login to the dasboard. The login form keep prompting for login name and password

Traefik 2 is working in all respect for me except that I can't login to the dashboard theough https.
The login form keeps asking for iusername and password. I don't want to coninue using my IP and insecure to login to the dashboard. I have posted this before and no response has been received.
Looks like this forum is not useful for getting help.

Hello @traffick

Here is the recording from my last session that explains how to create the middleware Basic Auth. It is presented on Kubernetes, however, the high-level idea is pretty the same.

You can find the example for Docker in our docs.

Here is the example:

This is the command to generate the string for basicauth that you add to the labels:

echo $(htpasswd -nb user password) | sed -e s/\\$/\\$\\$/g

The example of labels:

  - "traefik.http.middlewares.test-auth.basicauth.users=test:$$apr1$$H6uskkkW$$IgXLP6ewTrSuBkTrqE8wj/,test2:$$apr1$$d9hr9HBB$$4HxwgUir3HP4EsggP/QNo0"

Please note that all dollar signs in the hash need to be doubled for escaping.

Hope that helps.
Best, Jakub