Can't get service when install agent success in k8s cluster

I try to kind cluster in my local machine and cloud provider k8s cluster, both can't get service in cluster.

Hello @Iyzhang1999,

thanks for your report.

Im sorry that you are having difficiulties settings things up. Did you check the agent logs for issues?

If yes, can you get me the logs please?

time="2022-08-05T11:09:14Z" level=error msg="middleware "hub-agent-add-prefix-catch-all@kubernetescrd" does not exist" entryPointName=traefikhub-tunl routerName=hub-catch-all-hub-agent@kubernetes


{"level":"debug","component":"platform_client","method":"GET","url":"","time":1659699188,"message":"Performing request"}
{"level":"error","error":"fetch topology: failed with code 404: 404 page not found\n","time":1659699188,"message":"commit cluster state changes"}

Hello @lyzhang1999,

Do you still face this issue?
We haven't been able to reproduce it on our side.