Can't get acme logs to show

Hello, I'm running a TraefikEE cluster with one control node and two data nodes. For some reason the log file is not being populated on the control node. The data node log file is getting logs fine although I don't see any acme info there. I'm configuring the cluster using the CLI and the frontend/backend config is in consul. Can someone help me figure out how to get the logs to show on the control node? Thanks.

traefikee deploy --entryPoints='Name:https Address::443 TLS' --entryPoints='Name:httpsredirect Address::80 Redirect.EntryPoint:https' --defaultentrypoints=httpredirect,https --acme.entryPoint=https --acme.httpchallenge --acme.httpchallenge.entrypoint=httpredirect --acme.onHostRule --acme.caserver="" --acme.acmelogging --consul.endpoint=consulurl:8500 --consul.prefix=traefikeeconfig --traefikeelog.filepath=/tmp/traefikee.log

Hi @jonathanbus,

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As for your question, can you share the command line you ran to install the cluster? Also, how are you getting the logs from your nodes? Are you using the platform tools (kubectl logs in k8s, docker service logs in swarm, manually on premise) or the traefikeectl logs command?

We'll need more information to be able to help, but I'd suggest continuing this conversation on our support platform :slight_smile: