Cannot parse env var JAEGER_AGENT_PORT

There are current deployed traefik args:

      - args:
        - --global.checknewversion
        - --global.sendanonymoususage
        - --entryPoints.metrics.address=:9100/tcp
        - --entryPoints.traefik.address=:9000/tcp
        - --entryPoints.web.address=:8000/tcp
        - --entryPoints.websecure.address=:8443/tcp
        - --api.dashboard=true
        - --ping=true
        - --metrics.prometheus=true
        - --metrics.prometheus.entrypoint=metrics
        - --providers.kubernetescrd
        - --providers.kubernetesingress
        - --log.level=DEBUG
        - --accesslog=true
        - --accesslog.fields.defaultmode=keep
        - --accesslog.fields.headers.defaultmode=drop
        - --tracing.jaeger=true
        - --tracing.jaeger.samplingServerURL=http://jaeger-agent.default.svc:5778/sampling
        - --tracing.jaeger.localAgentHostPort=jaeger-agent.default.svc:6831
        image: traefik:2.5.6

As you can see, tracing is enabled using jaeger.


I'm currently accessing to several exposed services.

Problem is that when I'm trying to get information of tracing into jaeger, it's only showing me one service:


Several entrypoints and routers are configured:

But anyone of them is listed on jaeger listbox. Obviously, I'm reaching correctly to exposes services.

I've took a look on logs:

evel=warning msg="Unable to create tracer: cannot obtain reporter config from env: cannot parse env var JAEGER_AGENT_PORT=udp:// strconv.ParseInt: parsing "udp://": invalid syntax"

I don't know why this env variable JAEGER_AGENT_PORT is present.

By other hand, ip a port are correct.

Any ideas?

Hello @jeusdi and thanks for your interest in Traefik,

As explained in the Kubernetes documentation, some environment variables are injected by the kubelet in scheduled pods.

Therefore, if a service named jaeger-agent exists, the JAEGER_AGENT_PORT env variable will be injected by the kubelet into the Traefik pod, which will cause the parsing error.

Hope this helps!